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Communications, networks, and services are continually evolving, and the world of so-called “Cloud”, in which the boundary of application fields becomes gradually fuzzy, comes true. Semiconductor devices play an important role as core components in the wide-range applications from the DNA analysis to the automatic control of the rocket, and work behind the all kinds of scenes in the social infrastructure. Adding “nano-scaled hetero-material thin films (NHTF)” to the semiconductor technologies, it enables to create a function-merged device, which can manipulate multiple information media, those are, quanta called an electron, a photon, a molecule, and a spin. This novel device will start to come up a paradigm shift, that is, a scientific revolution beyond the common wisdom of the moment, in the wide fields of medical procedures, information processing, human life, and communication networks.

In our laboratory, based on the silicon technology leading the semiconductor industry, we are exploring the creation of novel NHTFs with flexible thinking, by adding germanium, carbon, Ⅱ-Ⅵ oxide semiconductor with transition metals, and by utilizing the superstructure of complex system.

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Relaxed Si-Ge Heterocrystal Growth

"Ge group" is working on the Ge thin film growth on Si for the creation of advanced LSI with communication function using the medium of light. Since compound semiconductor (e.g. GaAs) has advantages in light emitting function, heteroepitaxy of compound material on Si are required. We are trying to bridge large lattice constant gap between compound semiconductor and Si substrate without defects by intermediate material, namely, Ge.

Transparent Piezoelectric Sensor for Medical Imaging Modalities

"ZnO group" is working on the new transparent materials for the piezoelectric sensor in photoacoustic tomography. Piezoelectricity could be largely enhanced by parameter optimization or impurity doping. Impurity doped ZnO films are grown by RF magnetron sputtering.

Recent works

NUV-excited Zn3(VO4)2
thin phosphor films fabricated
by RF magnetron sputter
and rapid thermal oxidation
T. Kawashima et al.


Thin Solid Films 605 (2016) 73

"Effect of vanadium doping on
amorphization of ZnO thin films
on c-plane sapphire substrate"
A. Watanabe et al.

Thin Solid Films 602 (2016) 29

"Optimization of Si-C reaction
temperature and Ge thickness in
C-mediated Ge dot formation"
Y. Satoh et al.

Thin Solid Films 602 (2016) 32

"Formation of Ge dot or film in
Ge/Si heterostructure by using
sub-monolayer carbon deposition
on top and in-situ post annealing"
Y. Itoh et al.